Sörby säteri is located in great natural beauty and comprises among many other things like 150 hectar birdlake area and the nature reserve Kvismaren. The farm consists of 310 hectare arable land with traditional cultivation, 190 hectare forest and 67 hectare of pasture land for the 129 cows. Viewed on the whole about 300 animals.

The companys most important production unit is the milkproduction and Sörby counts as one of the best milk producers in the country. Each cow produces 10 600 litres of milk each year.

The farm is suitable for chuldren and is also cooperating with other farms nearby. During the summer there's even a rabbit here.


Sörbys horses are both kind to ride and to look after.

Tractor in full activity

Children love the calfs

Be aech ruffian quarterhorse

The cat Frisse