A mansion full of history

Sörby säteri is located next to the church and the main building is probably built in the beginning of 17th century. At that time it functioned as a place to live for the pastors but it was later sold to Nicolaus Folcander, priest in Askers parish. In return Folcander sold the mansion to generalmajor Johan Mauritz Wrangel. Johan got reliefed from dutys in the year of 1642.

Colonel Överstelöjtnant Wrangel participated in the war against Denmark 1644-45 and also followed king Carl X Gustaf to the war in Poland 1655. There he was captured but was later exchanged and died a couple of years later.

In his testament Johan ascribed his son Carl-Gustaf Wrangel the mansion. A time of many ownerships between different familys of nobility followed. Year 1827 the baron and visionary Nils Gabriel Djurklou was born at Sörby säteri. Nils is mostly known for founding Närkes ancient association and his efforts during the lowering of the sea Hjälmaren, which also affected Kvismaren.

1920 Sörby säteri was bought by director Knut Lindström who together with his wife got three kids. After a while Astrid Fischer took over the mansion. She got two sons, Knut and Sven. Today Sörby säteri is owned by Sven Fischer with family.

Norrbyćs church

The church is adjacebt to the mansion and dates back to the 10th century. They say that this is the cradle of the province Närke and that Norrbyås actually was Närboås - Närbo, which later on became Närke. On the cemetery lies baron Nils Gabriel Djurklou buried.

Colonel Wrangel on his grand horse

Norrbyćs church as it looks today