Activities & experiences


Perras fourwheel safari and soocergolf
Flea market on neighbouring farm


In the unique nature reserve you will find about 100 häckande species, among them you will find cranes and preybirds. The size of the reserve is about 750 hectare and 150 hectare wetlands and it is one of the largest overwintringsplaces for adder and grass snake. Kvismaren is also in the international register over wetlands worth protecting,

Sörön - naturreservat

Sörön consists of deciduous forest with a very varied flora and a rich birdlifefågelliv, comprises about 25 hectare.

Konst på hög

About 15 kilometers away you’ll find a remarkable sculpture exhibition.


Eastwards Stora Mellösa ICA ca 15km

Örebro Price Race 11km

Prix Konsum 13km

Almby torg ICA 13km


Hjalmars Revy

Örebro stadsteater

Gustavsviks äventyrsbad

Bowling på Strike & Co

Sörby Säteri, guidad rundtur med historik och jordbruk. Minst 10 personer.

Söröns naturreservat, unik naturupplevese.

Närliggande kommuner

A city with lineage from the vikingage. Beautiful harbour with workshops and restaurants.

Natursköna vandringsleder

In Segersjö you’ll find a manor whit international horse events.

Old town build of wood. Steam train at summertime.



Nora trainstation


You can go riding at Sörby säteri and at the farms nearby.


Gustavsviks äventyrsbad 15 km
Hjälmarbadet ca 10 km
Askersund Hargebadet


Örebro Golfclub has one of the best golfcourse in Sweden. It is located between Örebro and Karlskoga, 35km from Sörby.

Kumla Golfclub 2 mil

Mosjö golfclub 18km

Gustavsvik golfcourse15km

Kårsta golfcourse 25km



Svampen is a big watertower in Örebro. Lots of people visits it and gets guided roundtours. There is a restaurant here also.

Örebro slott

Örebro castle is the pride of Örebro and lies in the centre of the town. Since the middleage the castle has been a local place for the peapol to meet. The castle is open for all kinds of events and arengements.


The citypark in Örebro was ”The park of the year” in 2004. There you can visit the botanic garden, wallow in hundreds of herbs or just enjoy and relax of the beautiful environment. Here you also will find large playground for the children.


Nearby the Citypark you find Wadköping, a magical place with wooden houses and farms that shows you Örebros old glamour. In wadköping you will find museums, exhibitions, bakeries, second-hand bookshop, diningroom, delicacy shop and other exciting shops.

Barnens ö

On  Stora holmen also known as childrens island there is lots of activities for kids in most ages. Apart from a big playground and a mini-train thats goes around the island there is some animal to meet. The entrance is free but observe that all the activities cost. Childrens island is open under the summer.

Tekniska kvarnen

The tecnical mill in Karlslund is a museum that lies in an old millbuilding from 18th century. There you will se shows thats tells you about the development of the agriculture, an experimenthall and a miniatureworld with modelrailroads.



örebro slott
Örebro castle

View over Svartån

Roses in the city park